As the potential of facial recognition technology grows, its adoption has increased significantly, raising considerable concerns about privacy.

In the UK the use of the technology has raised growing concerns, with a number of high-profile cases attracting interest and dismay.

This is why VR Office Place takes Transparency as a key value in doing business, developing services and researching new technologies. Our goal is not to break your privacy, our ultimate goal is to provide safety.

What we do to achieve full transparency?

  • We never sell our service without establishing a full chain of trust. Our customers are required to submit their use cases, and are provided with tools specific for the use case. Further, we make sure usage is compliant with local regulation and laws.
  • Our customers (except if otherwise permitted by law) are required to display visible notice within area under analytics. Meaning, if you are subjected to analysis – you have to be informed by a visible sticker, just like when CCTV is in operation.

VR Office by no means want to offend your privacy. We have set an ultimate goal to make you more secure. For this purpose, we will quarterly publish an aggregate results of crimes prevented (not one solved) since the prevention is our primary goal.

If You, under any circumstances feel there’s an abuse of technology by any of our customers, drop us an email to [email protected] and we will take all the measures to investigate the case.

Being fully aware Facial Recognition is not something that is likely to go away, we decided to apply fully transparent approach in order to make you feel safe and establish a trust. This is why we are open with all of our offerings.